First line station and animation company animation dream animation joint venture

2018-06-05 17:52:13 Company News 192 Share to:
June 5th news, recently “ Shanghai phantom electricity Mdt InfoTech Ltd ” (“ B station ”) and animation production company “ Shanghai painting boundary Cultural Communication Co., Ltd. ” (“ dream animation ”) joint venture company “ doraemi (Shanghai) Cultural Communication Co., Ltd. ” (hereinafter referred to &ldq) Uo; Doraemon ”).

It is reported that the new company B station 60% shares, painting dream animation account for 40% of the share, the chairman of the B station chairman Chen Rui as chairman, the former co - founder of the evil spirit and COO Dong Zhiling as the general manager.

The B station and the dream animation joint venture, or to enhance its animation production capabilities. In this regard, Tencent "first line" to B station verification, no response.

The public information shows that the animation was founded in 2013, and the company's brand is “ HAOLINERS” the animation includes "I called Bai Xiaofei," "the fox demon little red Niang" "the spirit domain" "the end brain" "the chick" "that rabbit that year" and "the former Ling sword mountain", which is one of the most important animation companies in China.

It is reported that the current animation in Tokyo, Seoul established a branch, with Fuji television station, GENOSTUDIO has a cooperative relationship, and with the Tokyo MX television cooperation launched a “ a dream time ”
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