Quick hand confirmation will maintain an independent brand

2018-06-05 17:52:13 Company News 181 Share to:
In the early morning of June 5th, a short video website was sent to respond to the first line of the video calling barrage website Acfun (hereinafter referred to as A station):
As soon as possible, we confirm that we have completed the overall acquisition of Acfun. In the future, A station will maintain its independent brand, maintain its independent operation, maintain its original team and develop independently. And the fast will also give A station strong support in capital, resources, technology and so on.
In addition, A station CEO Liu Yanyan also told Tencent science and technology that the news is true and can be said today.
At the beginning of this year, A station had experienced such problems as closing stations and being unable to visit. It was said that it had been supported by the Ali department to resume its normal operation, but later there was news that the Alibaba gave up the holding plan for the A station and turned it from the headline today.
But in fact, according to the first line, fast hand has always been one of the potential financing side of A station.
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