Wearable devices are not ready to sell, and Apple Watch is still thriving

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Apple's WWDC conference this year is completely "soft", the only release of the hardware is the new Apple Watch rainbow strap, but the apple wearable device business led by Apple Watch has gradually become the industry's oldest.
Today, market research company IDC released a 2018 Q1 global wearable device market report, which showed that the first quarter global wearable equipment shipments were 25 million 100 thousand, up 1.2% from a year earlier. The growth rate of 18% in the same period last year could be said to be a slump.
Wearable devices are in the same downturn as smartphones, mainly due to a 9.2% drop in the shipments of basic wearable devices, while smart devices are more popular with consumers, and the relatively high-end smart wearable devices such as apple and Fitbit have grown by 28.4%.
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According to IDC's statistics, watches and bracelets account for 95% of the global wearable device shipments in the first quarter, and apple is undoubtedly the biggest winner.
With the Apple Watch Series 3 in support of the cellular network, the Apple Watch shipment increased by 13.5%, and the market share of the apple wearable equipment increased from 14.3% to 16.1%.
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According to Apple's first quarter earnings this year, Apple Watch revenue and shipments increased by more than 50%. Sales of Apple Watch Series 3 were more than double the sales of Series 2 a year ago.
According to GBH Insights, a market research firm, 70% of users who purchase Apple Watch Series 3 are new users.
In the second quarter Apple conference phone conference, Cook said the sales of wearable devices, including AirPods, Beats headphones and Apple Watch, grew by nearly 50%, supporting the growth of apple "other products" over 90%, and Cook's uation of the business was:
Our wearable device business can now rank among the fortune 300 companies.
Among them, the smart watch market occupies half of the Apple Watch work can not be, although the WWDC conference did not launch the new Apple Watch, but also updated watchOS 5, better support the sports function.
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